Occupational Advisory

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Occupational Advisory

Our Partnership’s skill set and knowledge around the Central London office market and development means that we are well qualified to advise on large scale pre-lets in London.

We understand the risks and economics of development which allows us to structure the optimum deal for our clients, both in terms of the financial terms and ensuring that development risks are identified and offset.

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Our range of services in this area include:

  • Working with the client to help them formulate their future occupational requirements and converting this into an RFP.
  • Using market knowledge to put together a list of deliverable target properties that fit the client’s requirements, both on the market and off market.
  • Running the RFP process, helping the client select a shortlist.
  • Detailed heads of terms negotiation with a focus on minimising risk, running a competitive process to secure the best financial deal and provide required flexibility on the space take.
  • Extensive due diligence on target scheme(s) to ensure it meets the client’s requirements and that the development risks are identified and can be mitigated by the Developer or otherwise derisked for the client.
  • Work closely with the client’s legal advisors to ensure that the agreed heads of terms are properly reflected in the documentation.
  • Ongoing advice as the project progresses to assist on any required scheme variations, fit out consents and contract issues as they arise.